International Shipping


We ship abroad.


Shipping price depends on the weight of the package.


Currently we don’t send products from filling category beyond Polish borders:


The store system automatically adds up and gives the cost of shipping the order to the following countries:

AREA 2 : Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia,

AREA 3: Belgium, Netherlands,

AREA 4: United Kingdom, Denmark, Austria,

AREA 5: Italy, Portugal, Spain, France,

AREA 6: Sweden, Finland and Ireland. 


Shipping costs to other countries are calculated individually, based on the weight of the package and its destination. You will receive an e-mail confirmation.



If you have any questions please contact us:




We accept payment in Euro and GBP.

It is possible to pay for the order with Visa or MasterCard through the store system (there are no any additional fees or commissions).



Bank account information to transfer in Euro (please give your order number in title transfer):


Jacek Buczyński,

84-252 Orle

ul. Zamostna 109a




IBAN: PL48 1140 2004 0000 3012 0148 5440




Bank a ccount information to transfer in GBP (please give your order number in title transfer):


IBAN: PL32 1140 2004 0000 3312 0436 8809


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