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International Orders & Shipment


We send parcels to all member countries of the European Union. We are located in Poland, we are in the European Union. Therefore, for shipments within the EU, there are no additional customs fees.


Prices in the store are given for 0.5 meter. Of course, when ordering more, the fabric will be in 1 piece.

The order can be paid via paypal / card payment / traditional bank transfer in euros (we have a separate account for payments in euros - please check the order confirmation email or at the end of this text).

If you want to pay by card, please do not change the currency from PLN to EUR in the basket, PLN must remain for the card payment option to appear in the basket.

Below is a screen explaining where to change the country to the destination and choosing the payment option (if the currency is changed to Euro, only two forms of payment will be visible - bank transfer and paypal).


Please also remember that the basket cannot contain products from the category: - if they are in the basket, it will not be possible to change the shipping country to other than Poland.


Currently, the store system does not allow you to order products from the filling category beyond Polish borders:


Due to the size of shipments containing these products, if you want to order them, please contact us by email ) or add the amount you need in the comments at the end of the order. Fillings are added to the order manually, we change the shipping costs and send confirmation of the order by email.


Orders are sent as soon as they are paid, in the case of payment by card or paypal it is usually the same day, orders are sent by courier DPD. If you still have any questions, please feel free to ask - we'll be happy to help. Please write through a messenger available in the store / through our fanpage or by email to the following address:


Shipping price depends on the weight of the package. 


The store system automatically adds up and gives the cost of shipping the order to the following countries:

The shipping cost depends on the weight of the parcel and is given in Polish Zloty (PLN).

Shipping costs to other countries are calculated individually, based on the weight of the package and its destination.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation.

We do not send orders to countries that are outside the European

Union, the only exception are orders to Ukraine.


If you have any questions please contact us:




We accept payment in Euro and GBP.

You can pay by:            


It is possible to pay for the order with Visa or MasterCard through the store system by Blue Media


Bank account information to transfer in Euro (please give your order number in title transfer):


Minky i Tkaninki Jacek Buczyński,

84-239 Bolszewo

ul. Kamienna 20




IBAN:   PL66 1140 2004 0000 3512 0542 0064





Bank a ccount information to transfer in GBP (please give your order number in title transfer):


IBAN:  PL71 1140 2004 0000 3312 0542 0072



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